Oil Palm business is one of the most profitable ventures in the world today. Tenera Hybrid Oil Palm has a longer harvesting periods of  35 -40 years and  it’s highly drought resistant. It starts producing in three years or less depending on management practices and other factors like environment, soil fertility and best management practices. It has higher oil extraction ratio (OER) from fresh fruit bunches (FFB). It produces more than 4 metric tons of crude palm oil (CPO) per hectare. It also has a potential to produce about 10 metric tons of crude palm oil (CPO) per hectare in future according to statistical research.

Unfortunately we do not have enough supply of palm oil in Nigeria because demand is extremely too high. That is why Nigeria is importing palm oil and its derivatives from Malaysia and neighboring countries. Here is the good news , Temartech Nigeria Limited is an Agro-Allied based investment company with specialty in Oil Palm Plantation and Animal Husbandry with special interest in high quality Tenera Hybrid oil Palm seedlings production. We support our new and old customers with relevant advisory support.

Here in Temartech Nigeria Limited, we guarantee your success in Oil Palm Business. We have over 25 years of combined experience of in the field. We have helped quite a number of entrepreneurs to succeed in starting palm oil plantations. We produce over 40,000 Tenera Hybrid oil Palm seedlings every year. Contact us today for your Tenera Oil Palm Seeddlings.

As a policy, nothing matter to us than high quality oil palm seedlings, this is to ensure customer’s satisfaction, high income, sustainable development and value addition with a view to eradicate poverty.


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That is why, Temartech is producing high quality seedlings to our customers for the past 14 years. Satisfied customers came back to buy more because the ones they bought over three years already producing.  Tenera-hybrid is just three years to maturity. Tenera has capacity to produce for over 35 years. This is more than any pension scheme for life. Palm tree is a tree of life.

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