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Oil Palm Seedlings

Our Oil Palm Seedlings comes from the Tenera variety a cross between the dura and pisifera which produces 25% more than others.


  • High yielding oil palm seedlings
  • Earlier harvesting – starting at 36 months (3 years)
  • Dwarf –  50% shorter than palm height
  • Higher oil extraction ratio (OER) from fresh fruit bunches (FFB)
  • Longer harvesting periods 35 – 40 years
  • More tolerant to drought
  • Highly affordable ( N300)/Seedling

We ensure we provide best quality oil palm seedlings through the best nursery management techniques. We will supply you with essential and recommended planting solutions in order to achieve the optimum result. Our seedlings are well maintained with the best management practices.

Tenera Hybrid Oil Palm Seedlings ( N300)/Seedling